Telemetry | Data loggers


To house managers

Tinovi integrates to your website visually telemetry functionality to your clients look that you do provide telemetry services. Then your customers (apartment owners) could view on your website for example. a temperature is a hot water in the basement at the moment or what it had prior to the week or month.

The household

Record the heating system supply and return temperatures, room humidity, solar collector temperature, and the heat pump brine temperature, outdoor temperature. Record the temperature of the refrigerator, to be notified if there is a water leak, turn on the electric heating if wood-fired boiler washed out, and the house temperature approaching freezing.

Farm | In production

Record the temperature on the farm or in the freezer and immediately report suspected adverse deflection. To measure humidity, the temperature in the greenhouse and control ventilation actuators and water supply systems, it provides a constant climate and favorable conditions for growth. To measure the field of soil moisture and temperature, and receive notifications when taken watering or automatically start irrigation system

At a glance features:

Browse the historical data graphs

Data can be viewed on the instrument panel  in the form of graphics, for instance, temperature sensor No.2 Graph for the previous week. Data shelf life of data center servers depends on the tariff plan and the client's needs. Such data may be stored for 2 weeks or half a year.

Get notifications of deviations

Device's each sensor may create the conditions for which is executed the device will be sent to your e-mail or alerts by SMS to your mobile phone. E-mail sending rule example: "if the sensor No.5 temperatures below 5C degrees then send an e-mail to with text such as:" cottage soon freeze, winter come"

Integration in your website

Tinovi offers a unique opportunity to integrate the functionality of the instrument panel to your website. If you integrate a Tinovi dashboard into your website then your clients web browser address bar will show your domain name.


The instrument panel, users can be separated from each other and give them limited rights so that each of the individual user or single group of users can only view the devices graphs that you want to show him. For example, a particular house manager can only see their own home device schedules, but a heating specialist to grant the right to see the whole house heating temperature schedules.


Software allow build tariff plans to your users.


Your data is encrypted and are secure on local or internet server as well as the safety copies can be maintained. Third parties have been blocked.


The sensor reader is a small electronic device to which the wired temperature, humidity, and other sensors are attached. This device read sensor signals at intervals(for example every 60 seconds), collect and transmit to the data center, where they are safe. Tinovi produced sensor readers-controllers provides remote relay control function. Devices basic differences are the type of connection to the Internet.


Cable network device is a solid solution.


Wireless connection to the Internet routers eases deployment.

GSM mobile

Mobile communication opens up great opportunities.

Data from all objects comes to you

Telemetry is a great opportunity to save resources, save energy and labor consumption. But most importantly - it is a timely warning about the problem - thereby reducing the potential risk of loss. You will find out first if a deviation from the parameters to be measured in the facility will take place, or there will be a disturbance.

In the Instrument panel the customer can browse the self-owned(tied) device incoming data, add/delete sub-users and grant them right, switch on/off devices relays and create rules for automatic relay operation (rule example: "if the sensor No1 temperature exceeds 50C then turn on the relay No .3 (to which may be added eg. fan)).

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